JSP and Beyond

a pragmatic primer on building web-based solutions with Java technologies

Dynamic Web History - A Journey from CGI to Today

Before diving into the details on how to build solutions with JSP technology, it is helpful to revisit the past to see why the new tools and systems are so helpful.  It is also beneficial to look at some current competing technologies along with the future direction of web development frameworks.  Along with each technology is presented a brief history, an outline of some of its strengths and drawbacks and related resources.

I am not going to give you the old “in my day we walked to school uphill both ways in a blizzard” story, but after reading this section you will be glad that the tools have evolved.  Development is now faster and easier than ever before, making it easy to take these new, more evolved tools for granted and to forget the past.

Chapter Goals
• Gain an understanding of the landscape for server-side technologies that produce dynamic web pages and content
• Learn how development capabilities have evolved over time to address recurring needs in application development