JSP and Beyond

a pragmatic primer on building web-based solutions with Java technologies

Why Java?

You might ask, “Why Java”?  Great question.

There are a range of application development technologies for the web, each with their strengths and weaknesses that are discussed in the next chapter.  In short, Java-based technologies offer a modern, robust, cross-platform technology for development.

The biggest draw to this technology is undoubtedly the ability to deploy applications inside of any Java application server on an extremely wide range of platforms.  This means that you can avoid any sort of vendor lock-in and have an overwhelming choice of operating systems to deploy your applications on.

Some people might be quick to point out that other technologies are cross-platform and can be used to develop applications as well.  However, Java has a unique advantage as it has been crafted with the web in mind and offers a mature, enterprise-ready, robust framework for application deployment.

At the time of this writing there is even more excitement surrounding the technology, as Sun Microsystems, the creators of Java, are fueling rumors that they may open source the technology to spread adoption.  This direction is uncertain, but without a doubt the future of this technology is bright.

If you want to learn a technology for developing robust web applications, learning Java technologies is a sound investment that will pay off in spades.