JSP and Beyond

a pragmatic primer on building web-based solutions with Java technologies

Welcome to Java Server Pages and Beyond!

This primer has been developed to provide a 15,000 foot overview of Java Server Pages (JSP), the plumbing that supports it and related technologies.  If you only have a few hours one afternoon and need to quickly get up to speed on these technologies, this collection of material has been designed as an excellent resource.

My aim is to provide a conceptual understanding of the Java technologies needed to build dynamic web applications, so that you can begin to design and develop solutions quickly with a solid fundamental understanding of the various components needed to create a solution.  This book does not dive into the minutia of each topic covered, but instead provides links to additional information so that a complete understanding of a particular area can be achieved if it is relevant to your projects or interests.  It will answer common questions in plain English and provide real world context for each element of the toolset.

Feel free to jump directly to a chapter that you are interested in, as this book also contains supplemental information about competing web technologies, details of Java application servers and more.

I hope you will find this book to be highly informative, and welcome any feedback that you may have at jspandbeyond at gmail dot com.