JSP and Beyond

a pragmatic primer on building web-based solutions with Java technologies


Now that we have a good handle on the history of application development on the web, let us examine what it takes to develop and serve Java Server Pages applications. One of the biggest challenges in JSP development is the extremely steep learning curve due to the many options that it offers.

This chapter helps to explore the underpinnings of JSP applications. It will explain how JSP is derived from Servlets, the nuts and bolts of application servers, acronyms related to development kits that you will need to know and development tools that will help you get up and running as quickly as possible for the next chapter, Java Server Pages Deconstructed.

Chapter Goals

  • Gain an understanding of how JSPs are essentially an extension on top of Servlets
  • Learn about how JSPs are processed by application servers, also known as containers
  • Comprehend the distinctions between various “kits” that are needed for JSP development
  • Review the ways in which JSPs incorporate various pieces of markup to generate dynamic content, and the various ways they can interact with user requests, format their responses and access information from the container that the JSP runs in