JSP and Beyond

a pragmatic primer on building web-based solutions with Java technologies

Reference Application

The following sections will highlight a lot of the material that was covered throughout the book, and pull it together in a way that makes sense.  The samples leverage a collection of files separated into a scriptlet sample, JSTL sample and MVC sample.  Each one of these is meant to highlight how the same end user experience can be created with many different approaches, as they all ultimately create the same web application experience for end users.

The application that we are going to create is a small Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application.  It will allow you to add customers into a database and then append notes onto each customer account.  It will show you how to add, update and delete information from your database using a web front end.  For each approach there are a few sample sections within this chapter that highlight the differences between each approach.

My hope is that from the code below you will have some good template materials to get started on developing your own web applications with the method that makes the most sense for your needs.

You can download the complete code set for the examples at:

Chapter Goals
• Understand how scriptlets, JSTL and MVC development approaches can all be leveraged to solve the same business issue and provide the same end user experience
• Review JSTL samples
• Review scriptlet sample
• Learn about very basic MVC through a sample