JSP and Beyond

a pragmatic primer on building web-based solutions with Java technologies

Ethos of this Primer

Building real world solutions with powerful technology is a challenging and thoroughly enjoyable endeavor.

After working for leading software technology companies and developing a range of web-based .NET solutions, I felt compelled to peak over the fence and onto the Java side of the industry. What I found was a challenging, often difficult to understand, range of technologies that would supposedly come together to create business solutions. Java Beans, JSPs, EJBs, Struts, JVM, JDK… what do they all mean? What do they do? How can I build solutions with these building blocks? I was also certain that there were probably many other people with these same curiosities.

Fast forwarding through a series of late nights and plenty of espressos later, I began to wrap my head around what these technologies were all about.

Even though my journey was enjoyable and enlightening, I wished that there would have been some “jumpstart” guide to get me up and running faster with these technologies. It was at this point that I gained the inspiration for this book, with the goal of helping others quickly pickup on these Java-based technologies in an easy to understand manner.

“What tools do I need to create applications?”, “How do I install a Java application server to run my applications?”, “How can I read data from a database?” and “How can I update data in a database?” are just some of the questions that I want to answer for those starting the journey as I did. I am not here to focus on minutia, that can be done at a later date, but in order to help you start building solutions today in a very real, non-academic environment.

Even though it seems that Java technologies are generally aimed at a more engineering oriented crowd, I see no reason why they cannot be leveraged by a wider audience. Hopefully I can help you bridge that gap so that you can begin to embrace some of the features of Java technologies that can be used to meet your organization’s business needs and ease your application development management.