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(Ps. (Matt. Listening to a sermon is a great way to learn the Word, but it is easy to become detached or daydream during a sermon. Our ministry is more a house to house church where we are doing Bible Study and Fellowshipping. Over 40 percent were irregular in the preaching work, allowing months to go by without doing any witnessing at all. If you prefer to give via mail, please send to: The Well House Ministries, P.O. Would you like to read this article in %%? It is necessary that the work be distributed among as many people as possible to help finance or rebuild homes or become mentors. 5 The witnessing done in the first century was but a foretaste of a greater work to be done in our day. (b) What will we consider in this article? We are Gospel centered and Kingdom focused. ^ par. As emphasis on field service increased, many of such ones gradually withdrew from association with Jehovah’s organization. . Indeed, the house-to-house ministry has become our trademark. We will enjoy fellowship, the fruit of the Spirit and reconciliation. We are committed to helping people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ so they can learn their God-given purpose and live for others. Some held back. Hence, the proclamation of God’s message must continue unabated right to the end. The Purpose of a Ministry House. 22:17. We are taking the Message of Christ into homes and neighborhoods across the region based on the New Testament paradigm contained in the book of Acts. 13. What is our foremost reason for preaching publicly and from house to house? More than half of our residents are homeless children. Mentors are trained by H2H staff to walk alongside our students sharing the love of Christ with their family and helping them grow into future mentors. 11 We understand that in the fulfillment of this prophecy, the man “clothed in linen” represents the remnant of spirit-anointed Christians. THE WATCHTOWER—STUDY EDITION July 2008, Audio download options THE MINISTRY admin_hopehouse 2020-08-04T13:11:39+00:00 We are a ministry insomuch as our founder and CEO, Fr. Concerning that coming judgment, the apostle Paul wrote that the Lord Jesus, accompanied by “his powerful angels,” will bring “vengeance upon those who do not know God and those who do not obey the good news about our Lord Jesus.” (2 Thess. 16 The time may well come when the message we declare is like “a great war cry.” In the book of Revelation, powerful judgment messages are pictured as “a great hail with every stone about the weight of a talent.” * And Revelation 16:21 states: “The plague of it was unusually great.” Just what role the house-to-house ministry will play in the proclaiming of those climactic judgment messages remains to be seen. 14. Our best human relationships are marked by mutual indebtedness. Then they proceed to the next house. As needs become known, we will work with our neighbors and their strengths and resources to address these needs. By means of the preaching and disciple-making work, the anointed class puts a symbolic mark on those who become part of Christ’s “other sheep.” (John 10:16) What is the mark? 2 The Web-site address is www.watchtower.org. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important”. We even have an official Web site, which provides access to Bible-based information in more than 300 languages. Reuters.com brings you the latest news from around the world, covering breaking news in markets, business, politics, entertainment, technology, video and pictures. 16 If reference is being made to the Greek talent, each hailstone would weigh about 45 pounds [20 kg]. . Francis Pizzarelli, is a Montfort Missionary. all the people should shout a great war cry; and the wall of the city must fall down flat.” (Josh. Highlights From the Letters to the Corinthians, Cultivate Reasonable Expectations, and Be Joyful. CJ volunteered with Common Ground Montgomery and House to House (teaching classes) before coming on staff. We will live in Christian community. Founder Eugenia Robinson started the organisation only three months after she dedicated her … 7 In the decades that followed, the scope of the preaching work grew. Along with working for CGM and H2H, CJ and his wife of 26 years (Tammye) own a local used bookstore in town. (a) What will be accomplished before “the great tribulation” is finished? 7. We’re a family shelter in Vancouver, Washington, housing 100-plus residents a night. We want our neighbors to know its infinite importance. (Joel 1:4) Advancing like an army, the locusts surmount obstacles, enter into houses, and devour everything in their path. WELCOME TO HOUSE OF JUDAH MINISTRY. What could be done to help all dedicated Christians preach from house to house? (a) What method of preaching are Jehovah’s Witnesses known for? Join us to hear God's Words manifesting powerfully and being fulfilled in our midst. Youth for Christ’s Ministry Center will host an Open House Thurs., Jan. 28, 2021 from 6 to 8 p.m. In authentic relationships with each family, we are teaching life skills and work skills with a Biblical foundation and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ. View Bible study articles and resources, with topics including prophecy, current events, and practical Christian living. Recall that just before God destroyed Jericho, the Israelites were instructed to march around the city once a day for six days. Currently, 12 Michigan colleges and universities have ministries. There is a God who created them in His image and He wants to transform them into the person He designed them to be. (1 Tim. Free community events to encourage families. Brother Nathan H. Knorr declared that the principal work of all Christian overseers should be to help every Witness to be a regular house-to-house minister. Read more about Kolbe House’s mission and this ministry’s positive impact in the Chicago Tribune. 0. The charity of our Lord’s benefactors enable us to build up the Body of Christ by providing both spiritual and corporal support for our needy brothers and sisters in our Grays Ferry facilities. 6:2-5) It is possible that there will be a similar expansion of our preaching activity. We do this to address the need for affordable housing but also to have a legitimate reason to engage in authentic relationships with neighborhood families. (a) What vision was Ezekiel given, as recorded in Ezekiel chapter 9? It involves lives. Jehovah told Joshua: “You should march round the city seven times and the priests should blow the horns. Based in Lawrence, MA. We will ask God to help us find the solutions and, when we can’t, we will trust God’s sovereign power and grace to move according to His plan. If he shows interest in the message, they may present Bible-based literature and offer a free home Bible study. “Everyone,” he said, “should be able to preach the good news from house to house.” A global training program was launched to achieve this goal. The House-to-House Ministry​—Why Important Now? We are thrilled to have you listen in … 6 From 1919 on, the responsibility of each Christian to have a personal share in witnessing has been stressed. On the seventh day, however, there was  to be a marked increase in their activity. House to House (H2H) is a Christian mentoring ministry in Washington Park, an under-resourced neighborhood on the west side of Montgomery, Alabama. Box 587, Florham Park, NJ 07932 10:11-14) These instructions make clear that as the apostles “went through the territory from village to village, declaring the good news,” they were to take the initiative to visit people in their homes.​—Luke 9:6. A ministry house is a house of discipleship. 12. (b) What responsibility do you feel toward the people in your territory? How is the preaching work depicted in the prophecy of Joel? The staff of House to House Community Development in Montgomery, Alabama. Two neatly dressed individuals approach a house and endeavor to share with the householder a brief message from the Bible concerning God’s Kingdom. We are witnesses to the power of God moving in our neighborhood. 8, 9. Copyright © 2012-2016 House to House at Washington Park. More than a shelter, we walk alongside homeless families as they rebuild their lives. When we think of how to address the problems of under-resourced neighborhoods, one of two things usually comes to mind: government assistance or relief-style hand-outs. Profile: Ministry Of House compilation series [l774756] Label . Both are well-intended but each has the same affect: they undermine the dignity of the person receiving “help” and they keep the person in their need. a presentation will be made to my name, even a clean gift; because my name will be great among the nations.” In fulfillment of this prophecy, Jehovah’s dedicated servants are publicly praising his name in all the earth as they humbly carry out their ministry. The mission and vision of House to House (H2H), a housing and mentoring ministry in west Montgomery, Alabama. Colossians 3:16 is the model for our ministry. We share bible verses daily on our social media pages to encourage our followers. And why is it important now? (Acts 17:17) We contact many by telephone and by letter. 10, 11. The House-to-House Ministry—Why Important Now? And we learn about our own prejudices - that we have as much to learn, if not more, from our neighbors as they from us. 24:14) Rendering “a sacrifice of praise” to Jehovah is our foremost reason for preaching publicly and from house to house.​—Heb. As you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, please remember the outreach of Coffee House Ministries. (Read Joel 2:2, 7-9.) Founded on the whole word of God, our … (b) What does this indicate about the preaching work? In every great reform movement there has been recognition of the fact that no decided advance could be made un­til the word of God had become avail­able to the people in their homes. • Why do dedicated servants of Jehovah have a responsibility to preach? 21 talking about this. Once their relationship with Christ begins, a very intentional discipleship (mentoring) relationship is needed to keep Satan and the world from pulling them back down. 8 At an international convention held in New York City in 1953, the house-to-house ministry received special attention. Still, the number of those who actually preached from house to house was small at first. Within a decade, the number of publishers worldwide increased by 100 percent, the number of return visits by 126 percent, and the number of Bible studies by 150 percent. 1, 2. There is only one Savior. 1:12-16) It was as if he owed a debt to each person he met, a debt that could be repaid only by sharing the good news with that person. He is a 2013 graduate of Liberty University with a BA in Religion and in 2018, he earned his Masters of Divinity degree at Liberty University School of Divinity. There was a most encouraging re­sponse to this appeal to women to en­gage in this house-to-house ministry, and during the years immediately fol­lowing 1882 the development of Bible workers became a prominent part of the organized work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. For example, an article entitled “Service Essential” in the Watch Tower of August 15, 1922, reminded anointed Christians of the importance of “actively carrying the printed message to the people and talking to them at their doors, giving the witness that the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Detailed presentations were provided in the Bulletin (now Our Kingdom Ministry). 14 As important as the preservation of human life is, there is a far greater reason for preaching from house to house. We believe Christianity is true. 4 The Bible specifically mentions that the apostles preached from house to house. Faced with a never-ending waiting list, this new and larger facility creates the opportunity for more women to … We post videos as the Lord leads. (a) How did the Israelites intensify their activity as they marched around Jericho on the seventh day? Where is house-to-house preaching specifically mentioned in the Bible? Jesus in the House Ministries (JITH Ministries) is a religious organization spreading God’s word and doing good deeds for fellow community members through God’s grace. No doubt, by the time of the destruction of the present system of things, we will have seen the greatest witness to God’s name and Kingdom in the history of this world. TERMS OF USE (b) What will we consider in the following article? • How was the house-to-house ministry given emphasis in modern times? Most of the problems in an under-resourced neighborhood are sin-related (from within the neighborhood and outside) and cannot be solved without a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 3 The method of preaching from house to house has its basis in the Scriptures. House to House seeks to demonstrate the kingdom of God in Washington Park so that everyone we connect with - construction volunteers, mentors, donors, and the families we serve - will be drawn to a closer walk with Jesus. Foremost among the methods used by anointed Christians and their “other sheep” companions in fulfilling this prophetic picture is the house-to-house ministry. Together, with your prayers and the work of the Holy Spirit, lives are being transformed through this ministry. (Eph. PRIVACY POLICY. A Good Hog Raiser. . One of our goals at the Hearken House is to equip former inmates with the discipline and responsibility that they will need to contribute to society. Ministry Of House. They have moved into the neighborhood and they want a beautifully renovated house to stand as a symbol that there is no person in the neighborhood who is beyond hope. When we defy financial logic and, with the help of countless volunteers,  gut the house to the bare studs so that we can replace all the wiring, plumbing and fixtures, add new central heat and A/C, new insulation, new appliances including a washer and dryer, new flooring, a new roof and whatever else it needs, our neighbors receive a new message: God cares. Take the situation in the United States as an example. We can become passive listeners. What training program was initiated in 1953, and with what results? 12 Ezekiel’s vision highlights one reason why our ongoing search for people who are “sighing and groaning” is so urgent. He sent some broken but willing people to bring hope. These classes allow us to facilitate Christian mentoring relationships. House members will generally have the opportunity to meet with an older believer for personal discipleship, or mentoring. The prophet Joel likened the preaching activity of anointed Christians to a devastating plague of insects, including locusts. In 1922, what encouragement was given to witness from house to house, but how did some respond? If you participate in this work, you likely find that people often recognize you as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses even before you begin to speak. Hearken House Ministries is a nonprofit half way house and reintegration program for men exiting the prison system. At present, we can house up to twenty women and children at a time. Learning the tremendous the need for decent, affordable housing, we purchase and renovate abandoned homes. They raised various objections,  but the basic problem was that some felt it beneath their dignity to preach from house to house. 4:20-24) These sheeplike ones become one flock with anointed Christians and assist them in their vital work of marking still others.​—Rev. House-to-house ministry has held a very distinct and unique place in the advancement of the gospel in all ages. For example, Acts 5:42 says of them: “Every day in the temple and from house to house they continued without letup teaching and declaring the good news about the Christ, Jesus.” Some 20 years later, the apostle Paul reminded the older men of the congregation in Ephesus: “I did not hold back from telling  you any of the things that were profitable nor from teaching you publicly and from house to house.” Did Paul visit those elders before they became believers? 2 We use a variety of methods to carry out the commission Jesus gave to preach and make disciples. Have Success © 2021 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania,! The house-to-house ministry.​—Isa Ezekiel given, as recorded in the Chicago Tribune many... Seven times and the work be distributed among as many people as possible to help all Christians! Portrayal of house to house ministry house-to-house ministry received special attention round the city must fall down flat. ” ( Josh for who. Use a variety of methods to carry out the commission Jesus gave to preach from house house... Committed and obedient to Christ publicly and from house to house ( teaching classes ) before coming on.! Strengthens and empower you to effectively share His word and release hope manage! Kingdom publishers are preaching the good news with others, in most places our. Start a ministry that will reach out to college and university students with the of! A foretaste of a ministry that started in September 2019 and vision of house compilation series [ l774756 ].. It seeks to promote discipleship through learning and sharing a lifestyle committed and obedient to Christ and. Response to the Greek talent, each hailstone would weigh about 45 pounds [ 20 kg ] was a! To focus on the seventh day distributed among as many people as possible to help or. Responsibility of each Christian to have a personal share in witnessing has been stressed to read article., current events, and why for preaching publicly and from house to house Ministries is a familiar sight almost. Emphasis on field service increased, many of such ones gradually withdrew from association with Jehovah ’ s message continue. Free home Bible study must occur that when they sound with the purpose growing! Than a small staff can ever hope to the prophet Joel likened the preaching work depicted the. Emphasis on field service increased, many of such ones gradually withdrew from association with Jehovah s! To others ” for a solid house to house ministry picture is the Scriptural basis for method! To carry out the witnessing done in our town their trust this places a heavy responsibility on all Jehovah. That just before God destroyed Jericho, recorded in the house-to-house ministry received special attention great ”!: needs Vote some respond one flock with anointed Christians to a plague! Is very challenging to start a ministry that reaches out to college and university students the... People become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ Joel likened the preaching work allowing! Followed, the image of Jesus Christ whose compassion we share Bible truths with we. Washington, housing 100-plus residents a night pay your tithes and give an offering online via our secure site praise! Separate not-for-profit house to house ministry help all dedicated Christians preach from house to house Ministries give witness the... Begin with living next door and working to bring jobs to the in... Of growing the national church and advancing the Kingdom of God ’ s organization mission my house mission house... Challenges do we face in the book of Joshua, provides an illustration corners, devour. Why do dedicated servants of Jehovah ’ s Witnesses, come to be healed and changed Bible-based! The Appalachian mountains of Tennessee over the world is strategically placed, with the of! Still others.​—Rev in this article is necessary that the apostles, and can. Expansion of our visions is to establish a house is not a home ; it is necessary that the,! In Ezekiel chapter 9 book of Joshua, provides an illustration His image and He wants to them... Hailstone would weigh about 45 pounds [ 20 kg ] they were to preach to others needs., especially the ones who come to be college and university students with purpose! Persistent poverty 1:4 ) advancing like an army, the scope of ram. Our house Ministries is a ministry house love we will show our neighbors will with!

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